How to Make a Resume on Microsoft Word | CV Create Steps in MS World

This article for all those peoples who are going to start their career in the corporate field and don’t know How to Make a Result on Microsoft Word. We are dam sure after the reading these texts you all are able to create Resume in MS World 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. First, we have to know that

What is a Resume?

The resume is a collection of qualities of candidates who are going to the apply for the job. It is containing details like Name, Address, Email ID, Phone Number, Education Qualification, Work Experience, Hobbies, and other details. There are four types of Resume

  • Simple Resume
  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Professional Resume

Why Resume is Important?

If you are searching for the job online, then we need to submit an electronic resume at the job portal. It is necessary to submit resume cause it contains all of the details that are needed.

Sample Resume

How to Make a Resume on Microsoft Word

Create a Resume on Microsoft Word Step by Step Process Using Template

Here we provided the complete steps to Make a Resume on Microsoft Word. Please follow these steps carefully. Make sure Microsoft Word should be installed in your Windows PC or Apple MAC.

Note: You can download the MS Word Resume Templates as per your choice. To download templates visit

To Make a Resume in MS Word we are using Windows PC. So, keep in mind these steps will not apply in MAC.

Step 1: Open MS Word

Firstly, log on the Computer and Click on the “Search Button” and Search for the Microsoft Word. You can search by windows + R button and type “winword” MS Word will be open on the computer screen.

How to Make a Resume on Microsoft Word

Step 2: Choose New Document

Choose here blank document after click on FILE and choose New. Now chose template if you have otherwise you can search for the templates via online like mentioned above.

How to Make a Resume on Microsoft Word

Step 3: Choose Template

Now search for the online templates. Search here for “Resume” you will see 100 of Resume Templates here. Choose your favorite one and download it. Now you can edit it easily.

How to Make a Resume on Microsoft Word

Step 4: Edit Details

Please edit you Resume Template and fill your all details carefully

  • Personal Details
  • Education Qualification
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Activities

How to Make a Resume on Microsoft Word

Please save details every second

Step 5: Save & Print

Please press CTRL + S to save your document. If you want to change the save destination then click on FILE and choose Save As, a popup will appear, now choose your location and save.

How to Make a Resume on Microsoft Word

Most FAQ of Create Resume on Microsoft Word

How to create CV in MS Word?

Please Read this article.

How to Make Resume without MS Word?

Using online tools, you can make your resume but Microsoft Word is the best way to create a Resume.

How to Create Resume on Word without the template?

You have to knowledge about the MS Word to make resume without templates.

In MS Word Templates are free?

Yes, you can access all templates in free of cost.

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