Jobs for Lawyers in Government Qualification Wise

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We all know about lawyer job reputation in our society. It is amongst the highly paid jobs in the government sector.

A lawyer gives us advice on the legal subjects related to the law of our country. He is trained to prepare and solve the Cases within the law limitations and can represent people in lower courts.

Scope of a lawyer is very wide in terms of Jobs for lawyer in government and also in the private sector because India is a democratic country. So people must ensure that they will undergo within the right constitutional path

Why you should make Carrer in Government Lawyer?

Honestly speaking…….

Taking job as a lawyer in the Government sector is not that much easy.  You have to put extraordinary efforts for this respectable job.

As there is a cut-throat competition in the government sector exams. It is amongst one of the competitive exams taken across India. But if you want to live a big and reputed life then giving a little more efforts for chasing your dream is not bad.

Moreover, Becoming a lawyer is a determined promise in terms of time commitment, money, and efforts. Therefore Before sewing yourself in this area, you must know everything about making a carrier in the lawyer profession.

Reasons for chasing lawyer Jobs in government sector?

Before choosing our Carrier we must know why we should get a job in the profession of lawyers.

  • High pay scale: Lawyers income totally depends on reputation and how expert he is in handling the cases. A lawyer can earn Rs. 127,000 to Rs. 4,105,000 per annum totally depends on their experience. Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 1 crore.
  • Social Respect: We all are well known about the lawyers’ respect in our society. He sits among the high profiled and reputed people like judge, IPS, central Police etc..So people adore this post very much and make you feel someone different from the society.
  • Powers: Lawyers live a glamorous life in our society. As the qualifications and respect of Lawyers are. Their Impressive qualifications and degrees, generous salaries, and an authority over others have placed lawyers to feel their self as the chief of other professionals
  • Flexibility; With the increasing demand for legal services. Individuals, businesses, and various levels of government will need legal assistance to support their growth and apply new demands. Job of lawyer in government or either in private is highly Flexible. Even if you are if will do JD judicial doctorate in law school, you will open doors for many working opportunities for yourself such as working in NGO
  • Work Environment: Work Environment is hectic for either government or private sector lawyers. But as you get promoted your work pressure will get low in government sector.
  • Promotions: Promotions in the area of Government lawyers are very wide. After taking the Mandatory qualification of the post, A person can recruit for Indian legal service against various posts– Legal advisors in the Department of Legal Affairs and Legislative Counsel in Legislative Department. With experience and time, these officers can reach up to the secretary judges and the officers recruited from UPSC many more.

Qualification for Lawyer in Government Sector

Any Bachelor degree + Law degree in which Juris Doctor (J.D.)/LLM/SJD State exam (PCS) Work and earn experience for further promotions
  • For, Getting a Job as a lawyer in the government sector. You must have any kind of Graduation degree with 55% of marks.
  • Along with that, you have to sit in the LSAT exam which is conducted for taking admission in topmost government colleges in law. You can do a law degree from any private college near you also.
  • JD which is a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree of law is completed after three years of duration. It is also known as  Bachelor of Law degree. After that, you will be eligible to sit the government exam for a lawyer.

What are the duties and Responsibilities of Lawyers after taking a job in the government sector?

Duty of a lawyer varies your type of specialty either you work for labor court high court, supreme court, etc. You must also choose your field of handling cases for example either you want to become a  cooperate lawyer, criminal lawyer, property lawyer, etc. On that basis, you get to select your post in the field of the jobs in the government sector for the lawyer.\

  • Scrutinize the cases of clients and make reports for representing it in the court.
  • Give fruitful advice to the clients before representing their case in front of the court.
  • Make an impactful conversation with the clients, judges and other department related to the cases.
  • Make strong reports, files, evidence to strengthen your case. Study well on each and every term regarding the cases.
  • Prepare legal documents, such as lawsuits, appeals, wills, contracts, and deeds

What are the different kind of government jobs in the field of Lawyers?

Right now Lawyers hold about 7,92,000 jobs in our society. Living in a democratic government we must need a solid law and law commanders for smooth work of our nation. Therefore, there are many kinds of lawyers and many different types of jobs for lawyers in government.

Check out the list of jobs for lawyers in government with qualification.


Law clerk They provide assistance and counsel to a judge in making legal decisions and in writing opinions by researching issues before the court. Graduate in Law(LLB)
Law Manager the legal manager or law manager for a business is responsible for overseeing all of their organization’s functions. It includes the responsibility of smooth functioning of its organization bachelor degree in Law (LLB)+ Management course or experience
Assistant manager It helps law manager keep a company running smoothly by giving assistance on some managerial tasks, such as overseeing employees or providing customer service. Graduation in law
Law Officer Law officer is A grade post cadre. They deal with  with all the legal and judicial affairs Graduation + Entrance exam either for bank or law enforcement entrance exam
Chief law Officer They supervise internal and external legal resources and advising the CEO and the board of directors on all legal Graduation + Mandatory experience
Civil Judge A civil judge oversees court proceedings to ensure that they are fair and follow. Highly reputed job profile and many included many perks and facilities A law degree + mandatory experience working as a lawyer
Junior Law officer Their work is to assist the law officer in that department. They help law officers by making reports on legal affairs Graduation in law
Teacher You have to teach law students and make them professional in solving law issues.  Graduation in law+ Masters in law
Chief law assistant They help chief law officers in making the right  decisions for the company Graduation in law
Public Prosecutor They are responsible for presenting the case in a criminal trial against an individual accused of breaking the law. Graduation in law+ Entrance Exam conducted by UPSC


and many more……..

Being a Democratic Country Jobs of Lawyers in Government and private will be evergreen. If you are taking delay in getting a government job opportunity as a lawyer, don’t worry you can practice as a private lawyer too.

The scope of jobs of lawyers in government and private is vast and vivid. You only have to choose your area of interest in handling cases of law for example either you have to deal with criminal, domestic, property, etc cases.

We will bring every new and updated post of the job for lawyers including every information related job.

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